Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) systems are very important for any plant to keep tracking of maintenance progress. A professional programmed maintenance system could help you with operating your plant more efficiently and avoid unplanned breakdowns.​

How can we help?
  1. Study your plant departments and plant assets and design an easy scheme

  2. Program your assets on the maintenance system

  3. Program the stores and make a stores system to manage your needs

  4. Link the stores to Assets with the required quantity

  5. Create a Preventative maintenance for your assets as per assets requirements

  6. Create users and privilege for your staff

  7. Train your staff on how to use the system

  8. System troubleshooting and monitor if required

  9. Study plant breakdowns and upgrade your preventative maintenance regularly to improve plant efficiency 

System Certification & Expertise: MEX
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AIU Inspections is providing Computerized maintenance management  systems Design, Programming, modifications & Operation