Thermal imaging has emerged as an essential predictive maintenance technology, effectively identifying variations that can lead to equipment failure. These variations are invisible to the naked eye and would otherwise pass unnoticed. Through regular inspection, issues can be highlighted before damage occurs, minimizing production losses and damage to plant and equipment. Equipment running at optimal performance also means less downtime, lower cost to operate, and lower replacement costs.

According to the 2009/10 Statistics from the New Zealand Fire Service electrical fires accounted for 24% of recorded incidents for fires in structures. Of those electrical fires 40% originated in a switchboard or meter box.

Why Contact AIU Inspections
  • Reliability Engineer with 15+ Years of Experience  -- ITC certified -- LIC# 2021NZ20N004

  • Our Customers: Industrial & Manufacturing Factories (Meat, Plastic, Steel, Food & Dairy).

  • Our Camera: FLIR Professional Infrared Thermal Imaging camera is Annually Certified & Calibrated.

  • Peace of Mind: We'll contact you to remind you when your next testing is due

  • Our Reports: Our Reports template follow ISO-9001 and Insurance requirements. Please contact us for a sample.

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What do we check in Our Survey?​​
  • Electric panels, switch boards, conductors, capacitors, coils, terminations, main incoming services, plant main knives, main distribution panels, main disconnects, 3 phases load distribution & phase imbalance.

  • Transformers

  • Compressors

  • Pumps, motors, drives and valves.

  • Forklift battery chargers & Forklift charging power cables

  • Cables insulation

  • Solar panels

What is the Thermography Survey Intervals?

The Frequency of repetition of that process is determined by the reason of the thermography survey.

  • Insurance Survey: Annual survey is the most common but sometimes are Bi-Annual surveys, please check with your Insurance provider their own intervals.

  • Reliability Survey: Bi-Annual or Quarterly surveys are the most common required surveys.

Our Survey Gallery Samples
Electric Panel Infrared Inspection
Electric contact Infrared Inspection
Transformer Infrared Inspection
Cables Infrared Inspection
Electric Panel Infrared Inspection
Electric Panel Infrared Inspection
Industrial Building

Electrical Infrared Thermography Survey

Our electrical Infrared thermography survey and report follow Insurance requirements and ISO-9001 Standard.