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AIU Inspections offers comprehensive vibration condition monitoring services, providing accurate and reliable data collection that helps to identify issues before they become costly problems. Our experienced engineers ensure that our clients get the best possible condition monitoring results, allowing you to keep your equipment running safely and efficiently.

What Do we check in our Survey?

Vibration condition monitoring is crucial for a wide range of industries and applications where machinery, equipment is subject to mechanical stresses. Machinery used in manufacturing processes, such as pumps, compressors, motors, and conveyors, benefit from vibration monitoring to ensure consistent production and prevent unexpected downtime.

During our inspection, we conduct vibration monitoring for all the motors, pumps, compressors, fans and other machines on your site, followed by a comprehensive analysis for each individual machine.

After conducting our thorough inspection, our report includes in-depth data concerning machine parameters such as Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, Temperature, and CFPlus. Furthermore, the report highlights corresponding trends for each machine, offering a clear visualization of their operational lifespans. These machine trends serve as a valuable tool for evaluating machine performance and constructing a detonation curve. With these insights, you can establish a proactive preventative maintenance strategy aimed at minimizing breakdowns and enhancing operational reliability.

Why Vibration condition monitoring is essential?
  1. Early Detection of Issues: Vibration monitoring helps detect mechanical problems in machinery long before they escalate into severe failures. This enables proactive maintenance and prevents unexpected downtime.

  2. Predictive Maintenance: By analyzing vibration patterns over time, it becomes possible to predict when equipment might require maintenance, allowing maintenance to be scheduled precisely and minimizing disruption to operations.

  3. Reduced Downtime: Unplanned downtime due to machinery failures can be costly and disruptive. Vibration monitoring helps minimize downtime by identifying problems early and allowing for planned maintenance.

  4. Enhanced Safety: Malfunctioning equipment can pose safety risks to both personnel and the environment. Vibration monitoring aids in identifying potential safety hazards before they lead to accidents.

  5. Cost Savings: Proactive maintenance based on vibration data is often more cost-effective than reactive repairs. It reduces the need for emergency repairs, spare parts, and overtime labor.


In summary, vibration condition monitoring plays a pivotal role in maintaining operational efficiency, preventing failures, ensuring safety, and optimizing the overall lifecycle of industrial equipment and machinery.

Why Contact AIU Inspections

  • Certified, Experienced & Insured: Condition Monitoring Specialists with 16+ Years of Experience, certified & insured.

  • Our customers: Factories (Dairy, Meat, Food, Plastic & Steel).

  • Our Reports: Comprehensive reports include data on machine Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, Temperature, and CFPlus, along with corresponding trends for each machine to illustrate its operational lifespan.

PH: 021 0919 5533

Vibration Analysis 

Ready to take your vibration analysis to the next level? AIU Inspections is the perfect partner for you. Our cutting-edge technology and expertise will help you achieve superior results. Get ready to experience the best in vibration monitoring and analysis.

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