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Specialists in MEX planning and programming

MEX CMMS is a comprehensive Computerised Maintenance Management System designed to help businesses manage their maintenance operations. It provides a range of features including asset tracking, work order scheduling, preventative maintenance, and inventory control, all in a user-friendly interface. MEX CMMS enables businesses to easily and effectively manage their maintenance operations, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

Why Contact AIU Inspections
  • Maintenance Planning Specialists: Specialists in design, engineering, programming & Operating MEX maintenance management programs.

  • Certified, Experienced & Insured: Reliability Engineer with 16+ Years of Experience, certified & insured

  • Our customers: Factories (Dairy, Meat, Food, Plastic & Steel).

Our Specialists
  • Assets Design & Programming: Design/ Program plant assets

  • Preventative Maintenance: Develop and deploy a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance (PM) system for all plant assets, aligning it with scheduled maintenance and addressing assets breakdowns effectively.

  • Users Control: Generate unique user credentials for every individual in the plant, granting them access to the system for their specific tasks. Implement distinct privilege levels for each user, ensuring that they can only view the information necessary for their designated roles.

  • Stores: Establish and set up stores to store and catalog all items within the system. Connect the stored items to specific assets and incorporate them into the preventive maintenance process.

  • MEX OPS: Assist and grant access to operators, supervisors, and users, enabling them to create their requests.

  • Work Orders: Provide support to the maintenance supervisor in creating their work orders and guiding them through the process of generating work orders. Additionally, demonstrate how to effectively manage open work orders.

  • Readings: Develop a preventive maintenance procedure that requires trades to record specific plant readings for monitoring purposes in the MEX system.

  • Training: Conduct training sessions for your staff to familiarize them with the usage of the MEX system, and ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities.

  • Assistance: Provide support to your Maintenance Team by assisting them with MEX queries whenever they require help.

PH: 021 0919 5533
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